Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michelle Malkin's NYT Bestseller Book!

From one of America's most respected and prolific "political whistleblowers", Michelle Malkin's new book, "Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies" now 6 weeks at #1 on the NYT Bestseller list....

In her shocking new book, Malkin digs deep into the records of President Obama's staff, revealing corrupt dealings, questionable pasts, and abuses of power throughout his administration. The era of hope and change is dead....and it only took six months in office to kill it.

Never has an administration taken office with more inflated expectations of turning Washington around. Never have a media-anointed American Idol and his entourage fallen so fast and hard.

In her latest investigative tour de force, New York Times bestselling author Michelle Malkin delivers a powerful, damning, and comprehensive indictment of the culture of corruption that surrounds Team Obama's brazen tax evaders, Wall Street cronies, petty crooks, slum lords, and business-as-usual influence peddlers. In Culture of Corruption,

Malkin reveals:

* Why nepotism beneficiaries First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are Team Obama's biggest liberal hypocrites--bashing the corporate world and influence-peddling industries from which they and their relatives have benefited mightily

* What secrets the ethics-deficient members of Obama's cabinet--including Hillary Clinton--are trying to hide* Why the Obama White House has more power-hungry, unaccountable "czars" than any other administration

* How Team Obama's first one hundred days of appointments became a litany of embarrassments as would-be appointee after would-be appointee was exposed as a tax cheat or had to withdraw for other reasons.

* How Obama's old ACORN and union cronies have squandered millions of taxpayer dollars and dues money to enrich themselves and expand their power.

* How Obama's Wall Street money men and corporate lobbyists are ruining the economy and helping their friendsIn Culture of Corruption, Michelle Malkin lays bare the Obama administration's seamy underside that the liberal media would rather keep hidden.

Author Michelle Malkin is the author of three bestselling books, including the New York Times bestseller Invasion. She is the founder of two of the Internet's top conservative blogs, and Malkin has worked in daily newspaper journalism since 1992, penned a nationally syndicated column for Creators Syndicate since 1999, and served as a FOX News Channel contributor since 2001.

While working as an editorial writer/columnist for the Seattle Times, she won the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL) national award for outstanding service for the cause of governmental ethics and leadership, and for investigative columns that exposed campaign finance abuses and corruption by Washington State Democrats, Republicans, and political organizations.

After nearly a decade, Malkin escaped the Beltway swamp and now lives a much healthier, happier, uncorrupted life with her husband and two children in Colorado.

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ken said...

Thanks for the outstanding details on Michelle Malkin's new book. Everyone needs to know who Obama is and his agenda for America. Obama had radical friends before becoming President and he has brought these radical friends with him to the White House. Malkin's book is now #1 for the 6th straight week. I plan on purchasing this book to reward efforts to educate Americans. This is news you can not find from the main stream media.

Our Founding Fathers established our federal government with limited powers to insure all Americans would have liberty and freedom. This administration is all about the federal government securing power. We have a federal government purchasing GM/Chrysler, providing billions to ACORN to support his radical agenda, and is attempting to take over American's health care. Additionally the Obama debt will result in higer taxes, less quality jobs and huge inflation (the dollar is sinking in world markets).

Special thanks to the American Patriot for standing up this outstanding blog. I hope more and more Americans read this blog frequently and visit the many superb links.