Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flapping Lips Syndrome: How America Went to Sleep During the 2008 Presidential Election

"America’s failure to elect a President possessing the Moral Compass of Character required to effectively guide our country can be attributed to “Flapping Lips Syndrome”or FLS--contracted by voters with misaligned priorities who were miserably uninformed and/or misinformed regarding their Chief Executive’s motives, leadership ability, and code of ethics. These naïve citizens watched and listened intently to the flapping lips with complete disregard for the orator’s corrupt orientations, actions, and associations with undesirables. The flapping lips political strategy of deception is to catch people’s sleeping minds as they observe the lips speaking of change and democracy, while the charlatan’s mind & hands do everything to the dishonorable contrary--stealing our rights, principles of democracy, and national pride like a thief in the night. Flapping Lips Syndrome then, is a national tragedy of the most ignorant kind—its violent plague is the employment of a most untrustworthy non-patriot in an office that demands our nation’s utmost trust and respect. Judas Iscariot lives again and this time he feasts on a great nation’s principles and her Patriots”.

- The Words of The American Patriot
  (November 3, 2009)

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